Tea Advent Calendar (2022)

Bringing moments of calm and reflection

Nour Sidawi
2 min readDec 3, 2022


Comins 2022 Tea Advent Calendar — Each tea is in a pre-filled tea filter in a biodegradable, compostable and recyclable glassine envelope, with brewing instructions printed on the front. Credit: Comins Tea House

Time for tea meditation

Over the course of the next month, I will be drinking 25 teas, courtesy of
@cominsteahouse. I’ll be sharing the journey on social media under the hastag #CominsAdventCalendar.

The List

1 — Yunnan Broad Leaf Black

A strong, sweet black tea with fresh floral notes. Starts with creamy and malty notes, before finishing with a sweetness.

Love the slight caramel flavour. We’re off to a good start.

Photo of a cup of tea with the tea sachet on a marble worktop, in front of a dark blue tiled kitchen wall. The tea is a distinctive clear, russet-red colour. How to prepare the tea — Amount of tea per pot (200 ml): 2.5 g (2 tsp), Water temperature: 100℃, Infusion / brewing time: 2 minutes, Number of infusions: 4+.

2 — Eastern Beauty

Oolongs are often considered the finest and most highly prized teas. This tea is from the same garden as the Yunnan Broad Leaf Black. It has lingering floral and fruity notes.

An unmistakeable, iconic tea. It has everything I’m looking for — citrus fruit twang, rose florals, honeyed, and a potent fragrance. I will now judge all teas against this standard.

Photo of a cup of tea with the tea sachet on top, set on a marble worktop. The tea is a golden colour. How to prepare the tea — Water temperature: 90℃, Infusion / brewing time: 1 minute then 30 second, Number of infusions: 5+.

3 — Tian Mu Qing Ding

A breath of fresh, crisp air.

4 — Nepal Summer Gold

5 — Moonshine

6 — Heritage Wuyi Oolong

7 — Taiwan Luo Chun

8 — Rajiv’s 2nd Flush Muscatel

9 — Dong Ding

10 — Mangbai Shu Puer

11 — Moonlight White

12 — Sensha / Matcha Blend

13 — Thylo Moto Smoked

14 — High Mountain Jade

15 — Ceylon Green

16 — Nuxalbari Himalayan Mist

1 7— Taiwan T-18 White Tea

18 — Yunnan Golden Needles

19 — Gaba Green

20 — Koucha

21 — Hong Shui

22 — Irie San Houjicha

23 — Zomba Pearls

24 — Taiwan Mi Xiang Black

25 — [Unknown]

This one is a suprise. I haven’t peeked.



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